Liability and Redress in the context of biosafety

There is an ongoing process under Article 27 of the Biosafety Protocol to develop a regime on liability and redress in the context of biosafety, starting with a meeting of a Technical Group of Experts on Liability and Redress in 2004 and the first meeting of the Ad Hoc Group on Liability and Redress in 2005.

The Fourth meeting of the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group of Legal and Technical Experts on Liability and Redress in the context of the Protocol was held in Montreal from October 22-26. The meeting worked from the Annex to the report from February's third meeting, and from additional text which was submitted by participants by July 5. Text was consolidated by two working groups, one on administrative measures and one on civil liability and damages.

Greenpeace International made a submission of additional text to add to its suggested protocol.

See briefing documents for the 4th Meeting on Liability and Biosafety under the Cartagena Protocol.

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Biosafety Liability


The 5th meeting on biosafety liability is expected to be held in March in Colombia.

Duncan Currie is attending the meetings as adviser to Greenpeace International.





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